1950 – St-Hyacinthe

The St-Hyacinthe’s branch founded in 1950 is the headquarters of the network. In 1995, Groupe Maska concluded a strategic partnership agreement and joined the wholesalers network of Uni-Select, a Canadian leader in the distribution of parts and equipment for all types of vehicles. Groupe Maska now displays the Auto Parts Plus banner and offers its customers a competitive edge, such as the Auto-Select, Uni Pro and Le Specialiste banners, the Select Auto Expert (SAX) program, the Carrosier Procolor franchise, the Color Plus banner, training and electronic connectivity.

1965 – Granby

In 2013, sales rose sharply at the branch at 555 boul. Boivin, in Granby, leading to construction of a new 8,500-ft2 building to replace the one that had been there since 1965. Over and above all the products and services already available to customers in the automotive, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors, we added a line of auto body products mainly from suppliers PPG and 3M. With 23 years of experience, branch manager Sylvain Girouard efficiently supervises a team of close to 20 employees dedicated to providing our customers with top‑notch service.

1969 – Sorel

In 1969, another branch was opened to serve the Sorel-Tracy region. From the outset, this store focused on serving industrial customers. The 6,500-ft2 outlet, which offers the same products and services as those sold at the main site, is located at 370 boulevard Fiset, in Sorel. In addition to branch manager André Millette, the store employs three representatives (auto parts, paint and industrial equipment), several specialized clerks, and a staff of highly competent delivery people.

1970 – Drummondville

On October 12, 1970, it was Drummondville’s turn to get a Groupe Maska branch. Located at 1348 rue Hébert, the store occupies a surface area of 7,300 ft2. Manager Daniel Morin leads a team of 20 auto parts and paint employees. Agricultural, industrial and commercial customers can find the entire Groupe Maska product line available onsite, as well as access to technical and repair services through the head office.

2001 – Cowansville

In 2001, a fifth, 4,800-ft2 point of sale was opened at 509 rue Principale, in Cowansville, with 10 employees under the supervision of manager Stephane Picotin. As at the other branches, customers come from a wide range of local activity sectors (agricultural, industrial and commercial).

2011 – Boucherville

On July 1, 2011, the large Groupe Maska family expanded once again by acquiring another branch (5,500 ft2) located at 652 chemin du Lac, in Boucherville. The dynamic team led by Éric Bilodeau proudly offers the high-quality products and services for which the Groupe Maska stores have become known.

2015 - Waterloo

On July 1st 2015, Groupe Maska acquired his seventh branch located  at 6165, rue Foster, Waterloo. By the end of 2015, renovations and upgrades have been made to be able to hold 700 000$ worth of invetory.

Mont St-Hilaire

On June 28th of 2022 was the opening of our eight stores on Montreal’s south shore.  This branch will secure a complete coverage of the delivery network in Montérégie and harmonize this whole section of our customers (Boucherville, St-Hyacinthe and Sorel) as it will be located in the center (or almost) of those territories, already covered by a Groupe Maska branch.  This store has been developed in a”warehouse” style, which means a complete inventory because it will serve as a replenishing center for those stores.  A full 8,500 square feet with a high height storage capacity and pallet stacking areas.