Diesel Parts

Our diesel parts department gives you access to several U.S. and European manufacturers to meet an ever-increasing demand. It has a huge inventory of Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Perkins and Kubota brand original pieces.

A qualified and dedicated team will advise you in the selection parts according to your needs and specifications. We also have in our inventory a variety of motor truck parts, but also agricultural and industrial machinery.


A very varied range of products in stock:

  • “Stainless” Radiator hoses;
  • A “vibrating” rubber “motor mount” set;
  • Engine stop control;
  • Fan and fan clutch;
  • New and rebuilt turbo;
  • New and rebuilt water pump;
  • Reverse cameras and surveillance for various applications;
  • A & I dealer parts, specializing in agricultural and industrial oriented parts.


Maska Group sells complete engines either new or rebuilt from the following brands:

  • Cummins;
  • Kubota;
  • Perkins;
  • Caterpillar.


We distribute lubricants for diesel fuel, urea (more commonly known as “DEF”) and various pumps for these lubrication systems.